Autani is designed to scale easily, without having to replace equipment.

Autani is a US-based building technology company that specializes in utilizing the power of the Internet of Things to create Smart Buildings. We were founded in 2006 in Columbia, Maryland. We design, build and manufacture lighting, HVAC and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platforms for almost any size and type of facility. We pride ourselves on creating systems that are innovative and powerful but, most importantly, easy to use, install and manage.


Autani Lite

Autani Lite is a standalone room-based lighting control solution that can be configured to different profiles, utilize daylight harvesting, and task tuned to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Autani Lite is also easy to install, affordable,

Autani Linked

Autani Linked is a connected lighting control solution that has all the features of Autani Lite and more. We utilizes our powerful Autani Energy Center platform to promote energy saving and meter and monitor nodes within the buildings.

Autani Insights

Autani Insights enables a user to drill-down rapidly into lighting, HVAC, and sensor data by visually refining a series of increasingly detailed filters until the exact data needed appears on the screen.